July 23, 2022

Quick Ways to Edit PDFs on iPhones and Android Devices

July 23



PDF expert apps are often the best way for people to edit their important PDF files but there are many other ways to make those necessary changes. Regardless of whether your device is running iOS or Android, many different programs and applications can help you organize, view, edit and save your PDF files. The iOS operating system has pre-installed tools on all MacBooks to help users edit and change their PDFs, but the same does not apply to Android, even though Google Drive and Docs are also good PDF editing tools.


How To Edit Files on IOS

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Editing files with the iOS operating system on any Mac device is possible with the built-in tools the operating system offers. The tools and actions that the system offers are limited and offer such basic things as rotating pages, inserting new or old pages, scanning or deleting pages, and saving files to other drives.


Users can access these tools by opening a PDF file with their PDF editor Apple and then swiping right to see the file in a thumbnail view. You can view each page as it connects to the larger document, while also giving you options to either remove pages, insert new pages or delete any unnecessary pages.

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How To Edit Files on Android


People who want to edit PDFs on Android do not have the option of a built-in tool like iOS users. The Android system does not have the editing tools available for PDF files that Mac users can take advantage of, so anyone with Chrome needs to install a third-party app to be able to make such basic edits as rotating or inserting new pages.


Chrome users can browse the many different options in the Google Play store to find a suitable way to modify PDFs on Android. Users can choose from smartphone-specific apps or choose mobile versions of popular PDF editing tools that are available online or as part of a larger software bundle.

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Best PDF Editors for IOS

Apple PDF Reader


The Apple PDF reader can also help users make minor changes to their PDF files without having to install or download any other kind of program or software. Users can open and view files from anywhere, whether it is a local drive, an SD card, or a cloud-based program. It also lets you make annotations or add new text to the document, without the need for any additional tools or add-ons.




PDFElement is an all-in-one PDF editing tool that is compatible with iOS software and all Mac devices. It lets users view, open, edit, and share their PDF files along with giving users many different editing and formatting options that are not available with other PDF editors or other edit PDF text tools.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader


The original creator of the PDF format and PDF editing software, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader remains one of the most versatile and accessible edit PDF online tools available. There is an Adobe extension installed into most browsers so anyone can open and view a PDF file, but these extensions do not allow any options for editing a PDF file.


The Acrobat reader lets you open and views any file but it also allows you to make other editing changes like adding new text, images, or other design elements. It also lets you add or make annotations to the file, while also giving you other imaging and editing tools like adding e-signatures and letting you convert your files to other formats.

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Best PDF Editors for Android


Xodo PDF Reader & Editor


Xodo is a PDF editing program that comes as a software bundle and has several standards and unique PDF editing features like free-hand drawing or writing. The program lets you open and view all your PDF files in the same window and lets you make changes to the text or document directly.


The program is supported by both Android and iOS but it is more popular with Android users. The app also has conversion features and can convert files – either PDF or other types – into more manageable options like Word or PowerPoint. Users can also sync their Xodo account with their cloud-based options like Google Drive or Dropbox.

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Lumin PDF


Lumin PDF is a PDF editing app that lets you edit PDFs on Android and iOS and has a mobile version of its main program that lets you edit PDFs wherever you want. The program is available in a browser-based option or an offline version since it is available for download to any device regardless of its operating system.


Lumin can also sync with Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox accounts to give users, even more, editing and collaboration options. Users can save all their changes when opening a file from their cloud accounts and make editing changes in real-time so all collaborators can see them as they happen.

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Foxit PDF Editor


Foxit PDF editor is another Android-based app that lets users perform any number of different editing and viewing options from their Android devices. The program also lets users open their files, make annotations, and add comments or other editing features. The app also offers several different security options to protect any private or confidential information in your PDF files.




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