June 22, 2022

The history of changes to famous logos

June 22

Have you ever thought about what the famous logos used to appear like? It’s difficult to imagine that many famous logos and emblems appeared totally different. It’s not the way we used to look at them.You can look at photos of emblems and logos here via Turbologo. After everything, it’s normal to look at Pepsi in red, blue and white. We’re used to seeing Coca Cola is red. This article you’ll discover the story of the evolution of the most well-known logos.

Change the history of iconic logos


It is one of the most well-known fast food chains. They are throughout the world. 1952 was when the first logo was designed. It was a logo with it’s name “Kentucky Fried Chicken” on it, and below it was a photograph that depicted Colonel Sanders. In the course of time, the logo changed several times.

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The KFC abbreviation was first introduced in the year 1991. Later, in 1997, they revised the image of the colon. The picture was more real than the one before. The only difference was that the photo was slightly blue. So that people can are able to remember the first chef at KFC. It was only then that the final decisions regarding the color scheme decided upon.


They never feared changing their logos. If you take a look back at the past history, it is evident the fact that Pepsi changed their logos often. The initial emblem was red. With the wording “PepsiCola”. We’re accustomed to.

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Gradually, the logo’s font changed, and the font got more extensive. In 1950, a inscription in blue, white , and red was put on caps on bottles. The cap was used as an emblem.

Since 1962, the word “Pepsi” without “Cola” was added to the logos. After 2008, design team changed the logos’ design and altering the size of the black stripe. Since this time, the brand hasn’t changed its name.


The most famous business currently. The person who created the first logo and also the person who founded the business was Ronald Gerald Wayne. He was also referred to as the greatest loser of the 20th century. In the end, Ronald sold his part of the shares in exchange for a penny. Then his wealth will become a million times greater.

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The logo that was originally used was completely different. The logo was a representation of Newton with an apple was set to fall. Then, just one year later, the logo altered. The familiar image of an apple that was bitten open in rainbow stripes, was left. This logo was around for twenty years.

In 1998, the brand was transformed into an official color that we are familiar with. Since that time the logo has not changed. The theory is the fact that Steven Paul Jobs made this decision because of his love for simplicity.


The company’s founder Enric Bernat was looking to develop such a sweet treat that each child wouldn’t get soiled from head to foot when they ate it. A lot of people favored the idea. In the end, the idea of caramel on sticks sounds fantastic. However, there were some issues when designing the logo.

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The logo’s first version was white background with red letters, simply “Chups”. The logo was modified many times and they didn’t find their enthusiasm. It was not until Salvador Dali got down to business. The well-known artist took only two hours created the famous drawing which resembles an actual camomile , with the words “Chupa-Chups”.



The most loved coffee chain around the globe. You can always visit them for tasty coffee, dessert, and milkshakes. The logo is famous they selected an image of a siren found in an early 15th century book. The image depicted an animal with two tails. It was undoubtedly not dressed. Smile and appear prettier.

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The first logo was brown. The girl was totally different. This logo was around throughout 16 years.

Just 16 years later 16 years later, it was only 16 years later that the color green color along with white star patterns were spotted in the design. In 1992, the designers altered the appearance of the woman to make her look more attractive. The year 2011 was when Starbucks took the decision to sharply modify their logo. The new logo had no white stars. The logo was a smiley girl. However, this didn’t affect the acceptance of Starbucks.


A lot of people know about the business behind sweets. The name of the company comes from its founder pharmacy technician Henry Nestle. He decided to adopt the coat of arms of his family as the logo. However, after seven year, his logo totally changed. instead of knightly attire birds’ nests appeared in the image. is a symbol of the family and maternal lineage. In this particular form, the logo was in use for over 100 years. The logo gradually morphed into an updated design. The designers also reduced in number the chicks included in the photo. Given that very few families have three kids. The logo shows two birds, a mother bird, and two chicks.

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It’s true that even the most well-known brands can’t survive without Instagram today. Every company that is reputable is on the platform. The first application was released in the year 2010. The initial logo was designed to resemble a one steps retro camera. After a while, as the social media site gained popularity it was time to change the logo. The new icon resembled an image of a camera lens, camera and viewfinder. The new logo features the colors of purple, pink, white, and orange. The company is planning to change its branding.


It’s not always feasible for companies to come up with an effective logo in a short time. There are a handful of instances. In particular, businesses are able to spend 10.20 years searching for a brand. When they do find that logo will remain forever in people’s minds.

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