October 10, 2022

Tips To Go Camping With Your CPAP

October 10

One of the best ways to take away the stresses of your everyday life is camping. Spending a relaxing weekend in nature will disappear all of your troubles. Taking these trips can be a little more complicated when you struggle with sleep apnea.

It takes extra planning and preparations to ensure you can use your CPAP machine away from the house. These are the six best tips to follow when you want to go camping with your CPAP.

Bring Extra Parts

You can never be over-prepared for a camping trip. You simply never know when something will go wrong. Since you will likely be a long way from home, it is best to pack extra parts for your CPAP machine.

Bringing an extra tube, filter and mask will ensure you do not have to cut your trip short if something happens to your vital sleep apnea treatment device. You likely have these extra parts sitting around the house, so it should not be too hard to throw them into an extra bag before leaving the house.

Pack Cleaning Wipes

There is virtually no way to keep your CPAP from getting dirty while camping. Dust and other debris is bound to get in the machine after spending a few days outside. Since the CPAP sits directly on your face to help control your breathing, it is important to keep this medical device as clean as possible.

The best way to do this while camping is by packing some CPAP cleaning wipes. While these wipes are designed to clean your CPAP, they can also be used to disinfect other things during your trip.

Find a Campsite with Electricity

Your CPAP machine will need a power source in order to work. The most common way to power the device is by connecting it to an electrical outlet.

It should not be too hard to find a campsite that offers electricity, but it is still best to verify that you will have easy access to power outlets when making the reservation. You will not want to sleep directly next to the electrical outlets, so make sure to pack a long extension cord.

Use a CPAP Battery

If your favorite campsite does not have easily accessible electrical outlets, then you can always use a battery kit during your trip. These batteries are specifically designed to power CPAP machines, so they have plenty of power to handle your sleeping needs.

The strongest CPAP batteries can last up to 30 hours on a full charge. It is still best to bring multiple batteries on your trip just to be safe. You do not want to frantically try to charge a dead battery while enjoying a peaceful night in nature.

Bring a Generator

If you are camping in a very remote location, you may want to bring a generator on the trip. The generator will provide enough power to keep your CPAP machine running all night.

It will also be able to power any other electrical devices you may want to use on your trip. When in use, generators tend to make a lot of noise, so this option is only recommended when camping far away from other people. You will likely upset a lot of people if you try to run a generator in a crowded campsite.

Buy a Travel CPAP Machine

If you regularly go on trips, then it may be best to invest in a travel CPAP machine. These compact devices only weigh a few pounds and can easily fit in any bag. The small size does not stop the travel CPAP from providing the same level of care as a traditional machine.

Most of them even have humidifiers if you suffer from dry mouth while sleeping. Travel CPAP machines have their own power source so that they can be used almost anywhere.

You don’t have to stop enjoying your favorite leisure activity just because you suffer from sleep apnea. All you have to do is make a few minor adjustments to your typically camping routine. Once you get used to these changes, camping with a CPAP will feel exactly the same as any other camping trip.



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